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Way喂 Angela a! Ngo我 m'hay不是 gey几 menk明 dimgai点解 yiu要 fantsenk分成 "# 大陸版本 臺灣版本 星加坡版本 香港版本" sey四 go个 m'tonk不同 banbun版本 ge? Bunsant 本身traditional chinese, simplified chinese joi再 ga加 go 个penkyamp拼音 banbun版本 may不是 gaudim搞掂 lo? Penkyamp (Hello Angela! I don't quite understand why it has to have four different regional versions. I think just "traditional chinese", "simplified chinese" and "penkyamp romanization" will suffice.)

This is just a default option in the MediaWiki software, allowing users to choose which one they want. People had expressed a preference to have these versions on Wikipedia, so they were added to MediaWiki. Angela 00:44 2005年3月23日 (EST)
I wish to discuss the possibility of revising the versions into the more rational 1."Simplified"2."Traditional"3."Penkyamp" format. Because I don't think "regions" are a relevant, thus systematic way of dividing Cantonese articles, however, "scripts" are. In fact, having different "regional versions" for an ariticle will just be redundant and will confuse and reduce the convenience and enthusiasm of users. Meanwhile, it is urgently necessary to have simp and trad versions of each article for it to be systematically converted from one to another just by one click. Who should I discuss with? I am one of the proponents of this wiki so I think it's possible to discuss with other proponents on the format. Penkyamp
This isn't something for the wiki to change, but a change to the software, so discussing that on the technical mailing list at wikitech-l would be the best option. Angela 13:40 2005年3月23日 (EST)

Hello Angela: I know you are helping to save this wiki from vandalism. However, by deleting the entry, the original contents of many articles are now irrecoverable. So, I suggest not to use the delete function, but try to recover the original contents. But now the damage is done so I guess we gotta be careful the next time this happens.

Penkyamp 23:24 2005年9月27日 (UTC)

There wasn't any original content in those pages. They had been created by a vandal bot for the purpose of spamming the wiki. You can check this by going to Special:Log/delete and viewing the history of those deleted pages. If any did have content, any admin can undelete them. Angela (talk)