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Cantonese Conversion Tools 1

We aim to create a transliteration tool from Chinese to Romanised Cantonese for use on Cantonese Wikipedia to enable users to understand Cantonese more thoroughly. For further details, see the request at Metawiki. The initial translation stage would involve the translation of the 7,000 most commonly used chinese characters. Chinese characters --> Romanised Cantonese (Penkyamp)

List of translated characters (done prior to April 30, 2019)Edit

Originally was:

  • List of Untranslated Characters (1 - 6,621)

Here are the (remaining) Han Characters that require translation into Romanised Cantonese (make sure that the translations include tonal marks: ä ã â a á à , ë ẽ ê e é è , ï ĩ î i í ì , ö õ ô o ó ò , ü ũ û u ú ù):

  • List of translated characters (927 of 5,000)

Already translated

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